The Pink Peppermint Story

Pink Peppermint Paper, LLC. was born in the fall of 2006, when, for the first time in months, a gal had a little time to kill. Just over a year earlier, Eleanor, who worked in advertising, and her husband, Russell, a hospital administrator, left their hectic work lives in Memphis and relocated to Shreveport, Louisiana. Eleanor was quite pregnant at the time, and the move seemed a perfect opportunity to take some time off, catch her breath and brace for the onset of motherhood. So she stayed at home. She nested. And nested. And nested. Had a sweet baby boy, then blinked. He was eight months old.

She found herself puzzling over life beyond motherhood and pondered what (apart from sweets) really made her giddy. Paper. Design. Clean lines. Crisp folds. Visuals that make you ache with their cuteness. She mentioned her idea to Russell, who backed her up 100%, and poof! Pink Peppermint Paper came to be.

The first designs debuted to friends and family in time for the 2006 holiday season, and the response was great. Since then, Eleanor has been busy building a portfolio of designs and loving it. In Winter 2007, they welcomed a baby girl and things have been interesting! In Spring 2009, the online store went live followed by Pink Peppermint, the Blog in Fall 2009. In Summer 2010, Pink Peppermint relocated and is now based in the greater Jackson, Mississippi area.

The Difference

Customer service seems to be thing of the past. These days, you feel like applauding when someone just does their job. Sad, but true. That's part of the reason why Pink Peppermint Paper is nimble. All designs are created and printed in-house. You can communicate with the person who will design and print your order. There's no go-between, nothing lost in translation. Pink Peppermint delivers exactly what you are looking for in a relative flash.

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Pink Peppermint Paper, LLC.
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601.842.8755 (M-F, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. CST)

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